account identification

To operate a number with Callagenix each account must provide complete contact details and proof of id.

If not paying by Online or a Service provider then a single id is fine, otherwise a minimum of two forms of ID are required.

The usual procedure is to login into your account enter and complete all the Account Contact details, providing a phone number (e..g landline) for the supplied contact address and a best contact number (e.g. mobile). Then send the id documents as required, when received this will usually be processed within 1 hour during normal working hours. If there are any issues such as unreadable or incorrect documents then you will be advised via email using the account registered email address.

proof of id

Each account needs to provide one form of id to operate any live numbers

A second form of identification is required if they are wishing to:


forms of id

Valid forms of id include documents such as:


how to provide the id

The documents may be faxed, emailed or posted, if all cases the Callagenix Account Name or ID should be clearly noted:


contact details