answerphone service

The Answerphone Service is designed to allow recording of specific items of information (generally name and address details) which are then sent via an email to an address defined by you. Instead of having to deal with calls in real time you can let this service handle them for you and respond to them when you are free.

A typical example of this type of line would be a 24-hour brochure request line. This would consist of a telephone number of your choice linked to a registration service which requested callers to leave their name and address for the required brochure or catalogue to be posted to them. When the call was finished the recorded information would be sent via email.

At present this service delivers the recorded voice message from the caller as an attachment to the email recipient. In future releases this will be extended to incorporate voice recognition of postcode or zip information allowing textual address information to be provided in the email.

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Once the service is set up then it may be operated on any style of telephone number, including Premium rate, National, Local rate or Freephone.

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