The system is capable of automatically compiling a list of people who have called your services. The list is based on the CLI (Calling Line Identification) - or number - sent to the system by the calling party's telephone.

If you want to use this facility then you should turn on the Add to Callers option in the Call Answer section of any service you wish to activate it for. Once you do this then all callers will be logged into your callers list so be careful not to turn it on for a service where you think you will be getting thousands of calls who you will not need to identify individually.

Initially the caller will be created with name of 'undefined'. From the list itself, however, you can edit the name to whatever you wish (up to a max of 150 chars). The reason is that if you have a divert or group divert service, when the call is diverted through to the destination number (or extension) the caller name will be read out to the recipient, thereby allowing them to know who the caller is before deciding to accept or reject the call.

Another option available on the caller list is the ability to block calls from a particular number. If you are getting nuisance calls or someone is abusing one of your services you can simply tick the Block Caller option against the number and the service will not start if a call is received from the blocked number.