account information

The account information screen consists of five distinct sections. These are:

  1. Personal Contact Information
  2. Financial Information
  3. Password / PIN Information
  4. General Information
  5. Alerts Information

In order to set up and run a Callagenix service from a test line you need only supply an email address and a memorable piece of information. If you wish to then operate the service from a live telephone number allocated uniquely to yourself then it is necessary to supply further details. The system has been designed specifically this way to allow people to set up and play with their copies of services without any obligation.

personal contact information

This section allows the entry of personal information. This data will be stored on the secure servers at Callagenix and is used for the purposes of managing your account efficiently.

The information held is:

Contact name - enter your name in this field or the main contact for this account.

Company name - enter the name of your company.

Postal Address - enter your full postal address including country.

Postcode / Zip code - enter your postal or zip code.

Email address - enter the email address you wish to use for contact mails sent from Callagenix. You may enter additional email addresses for specific information to be sent by each service you subsequently set up.

Contact Phone number - select the country from the drop-down list and then enter your full telephone number excluding country code, i.e. as though you were dialling it from within the country selected. For example, if you have a UK number such as 01628 123456 select 'United Kingdom (0044)' from the drop-down list and enter '01628 123456' in the textbox. This phone number will only be used by Callagenix to contact you to resolve any issues with your account.

Alert Phone number - This number will receive SMS alerts if you have registered for these as part of any Callagenix services. This should be a mobile telephone number capable of receiving SMS messages. Select the country from the drop-down list and then enter the full telephone number excluding country code, i.e. as though you were dialling it from within the country selected. For example to use a UK number such as 07777 123456 select 'United Kingdom (0044)' from the drop-down list and enter '07777 123456' in the textbox.

Marketing contact - Check this box if you do not wish to receive marketing information.

financial information

This section shows the details of the balances associated with your account as well as any automatic transactions which may be set. Of particular note is the Automatic transactions item. This will be set if you have purchased an automatic operating voucher of a particular value. When your operating balance falls below a low watermark then the Callagenix system will automatically purchase a new operating voucher of the amount specified using the credit card details you supply at the time of the original purchase. Callagenix will repeat this operation each time your balance becomes too low unless you cancel by changing the status in this section and updating.

recording time - This total shows the number of minutes of recorded calls that can be made on your account. This total is reduced by the amount of any call recordings that are made and increased by purchasing additional minutes using operating vouchers.

operating balance - This indicates the amount of money you have available in your account to operate services. When you purchase operating vouchers for your account you will increment the value in this balance. If this balance is zero then you will not be able to operate Callagenix services that have a cost associated with them.

uncleared revenue - This total is incremented by any revenue-generating services operated from your account. This total is decremented by any amount that is transferred from the uncleared balance to the cleared revenue balance.

cleared revenue - If you are operating any services that generate revenue for your account then the revenue generated will be added in to this total. The total is only incremented at certain times (from the Uncleared revenue balance) once the telephone number carrier has cleared the revenue payments to Callagenix. When this figure reaches the Callagenix threshold of £100 (or at the end of each calendar month if sooner) then a cheque will be sent to the address in your account details. When cheques are dispatched to your address then this total will be decremented by the relevant amount.

password / PIN information

To change your password you need to enter your old password and then enter your new password twice. Click the Change Password / PIN button to update.

Certain services can be configured over the telephone using a PIN for authentication (this is NOT the same as the test telephone PIN). To change this PIN leave the password fields blank and just type in the new PIN. Then click the Change Password / PIN button to update.

general information

This is information which will help us improve our services to you.

alerts information

Callagenix services can be set up to send alerts under certain conditions. This section allows the set-up and modification of the alerts for your account.