change prompts

There are 4 ways you can change the prompts used by your telephone services

  1. Text to Speech - FOC

  2. Phone Recording - FOC

  3. Upload your sound files - FOC

  4. Professional Studio Recordings - Quoted Online

The music your caller hears may also be configured as required, to find out more see Music - making the right choice.


Text to Speech - HOW

By default all services are created with prompts that have been generated by Text to Speech (TTS).

This works by you typing into a form what you want to say and the system converts this to a sound file which can be played to your caller. The good thing about this approach is that it is very quick and easy, it allows you to test a service and a script very quickly.

We always recommend that people use TTS to start off with, once they say what you want then recording can be made using the other 3 methods using the Texts as a script for the recording artist.

To hear a sample of the text to speech, please dial 08701624901, select option 1 and listen to the sample over the phone.

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Phone Recording - HOW

You may also record prompts via the telephone, all services when created have the ability to have the prompts recorded by phone.

You dial a number select the service required, enter your PIN and then you may change which prompt you require with optons to listen to the existing prompts etc..

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Upload your sound files - HOW

You may record prompts or music using your own computer or purchase special recordings. Then upload them to your services using an online interface.

Note: Recordings are converted to a standard 8bit, 8Khz mono wav file format. This being the standard for telephone systems. It is always best to record in a format as close as possible to the final format, do not record in the highest stereo digital quality and then expect this to sound great down a phone, it won't!!

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Professional Studio Recordings

The right sounding voice is essential, but make sure that it's a professional voice artist that does your talking. There are plenty of actors with nice voices but they may not give the correct delivery.

i.e. a young, go-ahead company requires a voice that reflects this: young vibrant voices are key.

or maybe you need to deliver instructions, in which case a mature, authoritative voice may be better.

To hear some samples of the voice recording artists used please dial 08701624901, select a option 2 for female voices and option 3 for male voices and listen to some samples over the phone.

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Music - making the right choice

The music track must suit your business and your promotions, but has also to be acceptable to your customers. Personal taste should not be a consideration. All styles and genres are useable, but only when placed in the right context. As before, young upbeat music works well with young up-beat promotions. More restrained choices should be made for productions that must deliver more serious content.

The following music styles are available free of charge when using a Callagenix Group divert service.

You can of course have a bespoke recording made. Please contact us for details.

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