getting a new telephone number

Callagenix services operate on test lines which generally run on standard national rates. Once you have reached the decision to make a service live you need to attach it to a real telephone number.

Decide on the type of number to be used to operate the service. Once you have decided on a number type follow the instructions on the forms available from the menu Numbers > Get a new Number in the menu on the left.

Basically the steps to follow are:

  1. Make sure you have more than a 20 pound Account Operating Balance.
  2. Select Get a new number.
  3. Choose Number Type, for premium you must choose the value, for regional the region.
  4. Select the number required from the list of available numbers.
  5. Confirm selections and acceptance of Terms and Conditions.

Once you have the number it may be attached to any service in your Account.

For pricing details, click Home > Pricing in the menu on the left.

NOTE: If you require a special (or cherished) number to operate your service on, then this can be supplied. If you require this style of number then please call Callagenix Sales on 08706260626 or email Sales, they will be happy to discuss your requirements.

rental period

The number is allocated to your account, it will stay on your account as long as it is being used and the Service charges are being paid. Should the number not be used (allocated to a service) it will remain in your number list for 30 days. After which it is returned to the Callagenix number pool.

quantity of numbers

By default each Account when created can only have 2 non test telephone numbers, this is a default setting and can be increased by contacting Callagenix Support.

premium rate

You need to select the cost (including VAT) to be paid by the caller for this service. To see a list of the headline rates paid to you for each premium rate click on the Pricing option in the left menu.

total cost or per minute

Currently the callagenix system only supports per minute Premium rate numbers, drop rate numbers are not available. If required then please contact Callagenix Sales on 08706260626 or email Sales.

regional numbers

Not only can you get 08 and 09 number type from Callagenix but we also support the provisioning of Regional numbers, such as London 0207. If you cannot find the region required then please contact Callagenix Sales on 08706260626 or email Sales.