cost calculator

This feature allows you to calculate the costs associated with a specific Callagenix service and it's use.

The Rental costs are provided for the Service.

There are no costs directly associated with the standard numbers available from the Callagenix system.

The call charges are split into inbound calls (ie calls to your numbers) and outbound calls (i.e. any divert calls). An information line service does not make outbound calls, so it does not incur outbound call charges. However, a divert line has to call the divert number when it handles an inbound call and so outbound call charges will be incurred - the calculator allows you to specify a typical divert number so it can make an estimate of how much this will cost you.

The calculator is very easy to use. Just select the service, number type and period for the calculation, and then enter a typical divert number (if applicable), click Calculate Costs and a summary will be displayed at the bottom of the page. This shows all the rental and call charges, and the text links allow you to view the pricing tables on which these calculations are based.

Note: that if a test number is selected, service rental, number rental and inbound call charges are all free but outbound calls will be charged for at the rate shown. If your free trial results in the Callagenix system making several outbound calls then your operating balance could reach zero and you would then have to buy an operating voucher to top it up if you wished to continue testing.