call diversion service

The Call Divert service provides functionality to divert a caller to a different number, if offers Welcome and Divert announcements, Voicemail, No Answer and Busy announcement, Caller Number setting, Call Transfer, Auto fax detection, IP telephony and Caller Announcement, all these options can be setup or diabled online.

An example of this would be the provision of support services where a company may wish to provide a revenue-generating support number where calls are answered by support personnel on there mobile or at home.

Apart from the support example this service is also ideal for organisations who wish to 'hide' their actual number from the number being dialled. Only the person setting up the service will know what number the call is being put through to.

(Note: If you require to divert calls to a group of personnel, such as a sales team, you should consider using the Group Divert Service instead as this has options appropriate to this function.)


Change Call Divert number demonstration

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Although primarily likely to be a revenue generation service this can operate on any style of telephone number, whether Premium rate, National, Local rate or Freephone

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