step-by-step examples

The following are examples of typical user requirements with a step-by-step guide on how to set them up using the Callagenix services. These examples tend to build on one another so it may be useful to read through the descriptions of the first few as well as the ones you may feel are more relevant since these go into more detail about how to set up particular options.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to making services live.

  Example summaries Callagenix services used Concepts introduced
More info Set up an emergency information hotline. Information Line  
More info Set up a voting line on two numbers. Information Line Counting calls
More info Set up a registration line to take information from callers 24 hours per day. Send registration information to specific email address. Answerphone Mailboxes
More info Call answering and forwarding service incorporating voice mail. Call Diversion Callers
More info Create a company switchboard to include personnel in different locations plus inbound fax receipt and distribution. Switchboard, Call Diversion, Fax, Information Line Faxing
More info Create an ACD (automatic call distribution) group for support personnel to provide a single point of contact for customers. Record inbound calls. Group Divert Extensions, Extension Groups, Recording conversations
More info Run different services at different times of the day and week. Time Of Day  
More info Making recordings of outbound calls. Call Recording Recording conversations