the free trial

The Callagenix free trial allows you to create an account from which services can be created and tested at no cost, other than that of a telephone call to your allocated test number (it's not a premium rate or 070x number either!).

When you register for an account, it is set up for you with a default Mail Box and has a Voice Mail Retrieval service automatically created. The account Operating Balance is credited with 0.50 pound to cover the cost of testing and trialing any Call Diversion type services you may create (the 0.50 pound is used to cover the cost of the outbound portion of the calls).

At no point are monies paid or owed by you until you decide to commission a service LIVE. To do this you are required to do two things:

  1. Add some funds to your Account Operating Balance. When a service is attached to a purchased (non-test) telephone number then you are liable for the call charges on that number along with a small service daily rental charge of as little as 30p a day (9.00 pounds/month). To cover these costs you simply purchase vouchers which credit your Operating Balance - the vouchers range in value from as little as 25.00 pounds.
  2. Get a Telephone Number. You can select from 0800, 0845, 0844, 0870, 0871, Premium rate, International and UK Regional numbers.

You can see how much using a service would cost by clicking the Pricing link on the left and using the cost calculator provided.

The free trial remains in place and you may create other services without incurring any additional charges. You only pay for the services and calls on non-test numbers.

At some point when testing you may find you can no longer test Call Diversion services - this is due to the Operating Balance reaching zero. To continue testing the outbound portion of Call Diversion services you must purchase an Operating voucher. NOTE: Initially, this is not required as Callagenix provide a 50p Operating Balance when the account is created - this amount is deemed to be high enough for test/proof of concept purposes, and we feel that it is the easiest way for people to fully test a service end to end and therefore appreciate the ease, speed and functionality of the services.