callagenix ip telephony trial

The trial has now completed and the IP Telephony is now fully operational.

Pricing model


The Callagenix IP Telephony charge of 30p per day is incurred if an IP Telephony number receives an external call. An external call is one that has not come from another Callagenix IP Telephony number, for most accounts this will be calls diverted by Callagenix Advanced services. Note, this does not include outbound calls made with Callagenix IP Telephony to external number just those received.

You may have many IP Telephony numbers setup on your account at no cost, if you take an external call (1 or more) on 2 IP Telephones then the charge for the day will be 2 x 30p = 60p, this is debited from your Operating Balance in the usual manner for Service rentals as part of the Daily processing. It will appear in the Charge Log data file as a IP Telephony charge.

If you are interested in proceeding then please login into your account and click the IP Telephony menu option, click here to goto a login page.

Once your account is enabled for the IP Telephony you may at any time request that the IP Telephony be cancelled, this should be initiated by emailing from your account registered email address requesting that it be cancelled.


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