managing your telephone numbers

This screen details the telephone numbers that are allocated to your account and also offers the option to get a new one. The numbers shown range from test lines with PIN numbers that have been automatically generated and allocated uniquely to your account through to actual live numbers.

Numbers are effectively a resource on the Callagenix site, they can be allocated to a service or lie dormant waiting to be allocated (max 30 days).

This screen shows the telephone number that should be dialled, the type of number (see number types), the service associated with the number (see service types) and the expiry date (if unused).

To perform a particular function on a specific number it is necessary first to select that number in the list. Once this has been done you will get a new screen, showing the details.

view number details

This screen shows the details for this number and access to the Attach Service function.

It also provides some advice on testing the number.


attach the telephone number to a service

This screen will take you through the process of attaching a number to a service. A service can only have one number attached to it at any one time. If you wish to attach more than one number to a service then you should first copy the service and then attach a number to each copy.

If the service already has number then do not worry the system will take care of the swapping of numbers, if required a new test number will be allocated to your account.

change the telephone number

Once a number has been selected and added to your Account's Number list it cannot be changed without contacting Callagenix Support.

extend the rental period of the telephone number

The Telephone numbers stay in your account's number list as long as the number remains in use and funds are available.