message options

All messages have similar options which are:

do not play option

This inhibits playing of the message.

use TTS (text to speech) option

If you select this option your message will be created using text-to-speech software running on the Callagenix servers. On a newly created service this will be a standard message and it will need to be changed to something more meaningful. If the service has been copied from an existing service then this message will be the same as the copied service. The existing message can be played by clicking on the Listen link. To change the message just replace the text in the TTS Script textbox.

use recording option

After testing, when you want to make your service go live, you will probably want use a voice recording rather than TTS for your message. To do this, you have two options. Either:

  1. make a recording and convert it into an appropriate sound file, then upload it to our system using the Use New Recording link; or
  2. record the message via a telephone using the Record a new message prompts via Telephone link.

If you already have a recording on our system, you can use this instead by clicking on the Use Existing Recording link.

The name of the recording in use is shown after the Recording Name heading.