types of numbers

There are many different number prefixes available to run a Callagenix service on. In general these prefixes denote a particular type of number. All of the Callagenix services operate on what are known as non-geographic numbers. This means that the caller would dial the same number regardless of where they were calling from within the UK. The actual types available are :

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This type of number is completely free to the caller. The recipient incurs the entire cost of the call.

0845 local

Local rate access offers all the features and benefits of a freephone number but at a shared cost between the recipient and the caller. Unlike the freephone number where the recipient pays the total charge of the call, the charge is split between the recipient and the caller who always pays a local call rate.

0870 national rate

The caller is charged at an OFTEL agreed national call rate regardless of where they call from in the UK. This number may also be dialled from overseas the rate are dependent on the carrier used and BT.

premium rate

Premium rate numbers can be charged at varying rates from 10p per minute up to £1.50 per minute and more (in certain cases). They provide the recipient with a share of the revenue being generated by the call.

There are a number of restrictions that apply to the use of Premium Rate telephone numbers attached to Callagenix services. These restrictions are imposed in order to comply with ICSTIS regulations for the operation of premium rate services. Cick here to find out more.


This style of number relates to a normal STD number. The cost for a caller dialling this number relates specifically to the charges published by the carrier (e.g. BT) they use to make the call.


A test number normally consists of a telephone number and PIN combination. Used as a facility to test services the telephone number is normally a national rate telephone number.

Note: Even if you are not based in the UK but require a presence here, you can choose any of the above numbers, which would divert calls to your normal place of business.

If you already have a non-geographic number but would like to use it to connect to a Callagenix service then please email us at support@callagenix.com. Numbers can (in general) be ported from other carriers so this should be possible but it is outside of the automatic nature of this site.

It should also be noted that this information describes the manner in which particular number types are charged by the carrier of the call. Callagenix charges for some services on a per minute basis and in this respect charges in addition to those described above may be made to the operator.