paying for the service

operating balance

All costs involved in running a Callagenix service are taken from your Account Operating Balance, this is a real time balance of the monies in your Account. You can add money to your Account by purchasing Operating Vouchers, which work much like pre-paid telephone cards.

When you wish to increase your Operating Balance, then you select Add Funds to Account, select the value of voucher required and enter your card details. Once confirmed the value of the voucher is added to your Operating Balance and the funds are available to be used as you wish.

low watermark

The low watermark is a value calculated when you add funds to your account, when the operating balance falls to or below this figure the system automnatically generates a reminder to you that your operating balance is running low and should be topped up.

If you have Automatic Vouchers then a new voucher will be purchased for you automatically and a receipt emailed as confirmation.


The table below lists the vouchers available, the value and the cost of each voucher.

Voucher (in pounds) Cost (in pounds)
25.00 25.00
50.00 49.00
100.00 97.00
200.00 192.00
500.00 475.00
1000.00 945.00

All amounts above exclude VAT


automatic operating vouchers

Once you are happy with the service then you may choose an Automatic Operating voucher, which is purchased automatically whenever your operating balance reaches a low watermark (20% of the balance) value. This feature is selected when purchasing and easily turned off if no longer required.

The main benefit is that it ensures that your account will always remain active and funded.

how to pay

Callagenix accepts payments online or by telephone using authorised cards (see 'Payment by Credit Card' below), we also accept payment by Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash (see 'Payment by Transfer, Cheque or Cash' below).

card payment

You may pay by Credit Card, Callagenix can accept payment by alternative methods - namely cheque, bank transfer.

For card payment facility to be setup you must provide proof of cardholder identity, such as a copy of a utility or telephone bill, bank or card correspondence, driver's licence, etc.. a document from a verifiable 3rd party with the cardholder's name and address.

Please either fax or post copies of such documentation and we will be able to quickly activate the online payment interface for your account.

Ensure that on all faxed correspondence you note your Account Login or ID, also ensure you clearly indicate (circle) the cardholder address and name.

Fax Numbers: +44(0)8701624900 or +44(0)2070222929

NOTE: Ensure that on all faxed correspondence you note your Account Login or ID, also ensure you clearly indicate (circle) the cardholder address and name.

alternative payment methods

Purchases can be paid for by paying directly into the following bank account via Bank Transfer, Cheque, or Cash, minimum amount by this method is 50 pounds:

Account name: Callagenix Ltd
Sort Code: 20-11-74
Account No: 70824119
IBAN: GB10 BARC 2011 7470 824 119 (for international transfers)

Or sending a cheque made payable to: 'Callagenix Ltd' to

Callagenix Ltd
Overdene House, 49 Church Street
Theale, Berks
Bucks,RG7 5BX

Please ensure that if paying by Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer that your Callagenix Account Name or ID are quoted on your payment, then send an email to quoting the Callagenix Account name or ID, payment method, amount, along with Bank branch and Account from which the payment has been made.

Minimum amount is 50 pounds.

(* calls may be recorded or monitored).