call transfer service

This service provides the recipient of a diverted call the ability to pass the connected caller on to either:

The service is accessed by the called person (recipient) pressing a key defined in the Call Divert or Group Divert service that handled the diverted call. At this point the caller is put on hold and a menu is played to the operator, allowing them to select the service to transfer the caller to.

Various option may be configured with regard to the operation of the service these are:

    1. Caller Holding Prompt
      This is played to the caller whilst the operator is dealing with the call transfer. The message is played, followed by the music, in a continuous loop.

    2. Menu Options Prompt
      This is the menu played to the operator and should contain instructions to them as to what they should press to invoke the various options available.

    3. Additional User Configurable Options 0 to 9
      These are set to point to particular services. When invoked by the operator they have the effect of placing the caller through to the selected service (as though they selected it themselves) and disconnecting the operator from the call. This would be used, for example, to place a call through to a Group Divert service if the caller had come through to the wrong extension.


There are some options that are always available to the operator. These are:

In either case the operator would press the a key to place the caller on hold (defined in the respective diversion service).

When presented with the Call Transfer Operator menu pressing the * key will allow them to enter the number to transfer the call to.

The number should be entered as either an extension number or a full dialling code (include 00+country code if dialling outside of the UK) and the number should be terminated by pressing the * key again.

Once the operator press the * key for the second time the system will initiate the call to the selected destination.

If the call is answered then the operator can have a conversation with the recipient. The operator then has two choices. To connect the caller to the new recipient the operator should press the ‘1’ key.

To retrieve the call on hold and disconnect the new call the operator should press the hash key.

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incorporating call transfer into your services

The Call Transfer service can be included in any Callagenix Call Divert or Group Divert service. To incorporate Call Transfer into an existing service you will need to :

  1. Create a Call Transfer Service

  2. Go to the Call Transfer option in the service you wish to amend

  3. Set the digit you wish to use to activate the call transfer menu – we recommend using the # (hash) key.

  4. Set the Call Transfer service to be the one you created earlier.

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function summary

To do

Key press
Put caller on hold

# (defined in divert service)

Return to Caller #
Transfer to Number (whilst in operator menu) *Number*
Transfer to Extension (whilst in operator menu) *Extension Number*
Send caller to configured option 0 to 9 (defined CallTransfer)
Complete Transfer of Caller (whilst connected to transfer number or extension) 1
Return to Caller (whilst connected to number or extension) #

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