registration /brochure line

Registration lines are an extension of the information line concept. Whereas information lines only provide information to the caller, registration lines also allow the caller to provide information to the system. Normally this information would consist of data such as name and address so the customer could register for a service or request a brochure etc but the system can be configured to request additional data such as credit card information.

Once data has been collected as part of a registration line then the resultant information will be sent to the recipient via email. The user could also access the information directly through their account interface at Callagenix.

The registration line information will be recorded information sent as compressed voice information to the email recipient. A planned extension to this service, however, is the use of speech recognition technology coupled with postcode look-up software to convert names and addresses directly to text.

Once the service is set up then it may be operated on any style of telephone number, including Premium rate, National, Local rate or Freephone.