using your service with a live telephone number

Once you have created a service, and subsequently tested it, the next logical action is to make it live. In order to do this you will need to ensure you have adequate funds in your operating balance and get a 'live' telephone number.

You do this by going to the Numbers section from the main menu and clicking on Get a new Number. This will take you through a series of screens that determine type of number and rate or region. With the Callagenix service you do not actually buy numbers as such but rent them, there is no setup charge for a number.

In this way if you only need to use the number for a short period of time, then you can. On the other hand if you want the number for years then you can. No matter the period as long as Operating Balance funds are available for the service rental, the number is attached to a service and you abide by the Terms and Conditions then the number remains on your Account.

The steps to get a number are:

1. Select type of number required, more information.

If Premium rate or Regional then you must select the rate or the UK Region, also check that the intended use of premium number's abides by the Callagenix and ICSTIS guidlines.

2. Select the number from the list of available numbers.

3. Confirm selection and agreement.

The number you select will be added to your Account's number list, from there it can be attached to any service in your account.