setting up time of day call flow

The heading gives the name of the service, the telephone number (and PIN, if applicable) it is connected to, and its status. For help with testing the service, click the How to try this service help button. To check how much this service would cost if attached to a real number click the What does this cost? link. To see how to make the service work with a real telephone number, click the Make it Live link.

The service is set up by selecting items on the chart on the left and amending the data displayed - be sure to save the changes using the Save Changes link each time.

Other links at the bottom of the form allow you to delete the service or copy the service (when you wish a copy of the service to be associated with a real telephone number).

The way the service is works is that when it receives a call it first looks for a match with a time slot which specifies the time and the day of the week. It uses the first one it finds which matches. If there is no match, it looks for a time slot which just specifies the time. Again, it uses the first one it finds which matches. If there is still no match, it looks for a time slot which just specifies the day. Again, it uses the first one it finds which matches. If it still hasn't found a match it uses the default service.

Please note that the time of day service will allow you to have overlapping time slots so it is up to you to ensure that it works in the way you intend.



This is the unique identifier for the service shown. This should be set to something descriptive of the created service.


This shows the current status of the service. It can be set to Answer Calls or Do Not Answer Calls. When a service is set to Answer Calls it will be started when a call is received on the number / PIN combination attached to it. When the service is set to Do Not Answer Calls then the attached number will give an engaged or out-of-order tone if dialled and the service will not be started. However, if the number is a number / PIN combination then it will answer the call, ask for the PIN and just hang up.

default service

This service, selected from the drop-down box, is the one which is attached to the number by default. If none of the time slots as set up match the current day and time, it is this service which will be executed.

time slots '1' to '7'

These slots specify which service should replace the the default service at a particular day and/or time. If a slot is disabled, the chart on the left shows it with a red cross. See the note above on how the system works to ensure you get the results you intend.

select service

This is your service you wish to be executed when this time slot matches the day and/or time.

days of the week

Select the days of the week you wish this service to run. If you leave all unticked then it will run each day during the time range selected.

time of day

Use the two text boxes to indicate the time range. Time should be entered using the 24 hour system in the format HH:MM, eg 12:43. All times refer to UK time which is ahead of GMT by one hour in the summer. If no time range is specified then the service will run all day.