time of day service

The Time of Day service provides you with a way to change the service attached to a phone number dependent on the current time and day of the week. The service can be changed to any one of your current services for this purpose.

You can specify:

  1. A default service, run when no specific time or day matches are found.
  2. Seven time slots, where each one can indicate a range of days and a time range during which the specified service will be executed.

When a call arrives on the attached telephone number, the current time and day or week are checked against the time slots set-up - if a match is found then that service is executed.

An example TOD service for a retail outlet might be set up as follows:

In the Callagenix environment the Time of Day service simply controls your other services, such as Answerphone, Call Diversion, Information Line and Group Divert etc, rather than performing these functions itself. You should therefore set these services up before setting up a Time of Day service.

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