voice mail retrieval service

The Voice Mail Retrieval Service provides the following functionality:

  1. Answers telephone.
  2. Requests a mail box PIN.
  3. Retrieves new and old voice mails under caller control.

This service is created automatically when an account is created, and only one such service would normally exist per account. Therefore this service is not created in the normal manner, and it may also not be deleted or copied.

As the service is only ever used by an account holder or their representatives there are no customisable elements.

Caller Controls

The Caller controls are accessed by the caller pressing a key duriong message playback, the # key plays a prompt outlining the key presses and the options available, but the options are only available during the message playback itself, there is a slight pause between messages to allow the caller to press a key to delete or replay etc....

# Plays caller a prompt outlining the options keys and there actions
1 skip current message
2 restart the current message
3 delete the current message
4 change the mailbox, caller requested to enter a new mailbox PIN
5 plays the message details, date time and callers number for the current message, message replays after the message details have completed