testing a service

When a service is created it is automatically allocated a telephone number and PIN code. This number / PIN combination is displayed on the service summary screen and on the detail screen for the particular service. In order to listen to the service simply dial the displayed number and at the prompt key in the PIN code shown. As the service proceeds on the line you should follow the prompts and enter data as required.

You can then proceed to edit the prompts and other various parameters relevant to the service and these will be audible via the number / PIN combination whenever it is dialled. This process can be repeated as frequently as necessary.

A special help page accessed by the How to try this service link on the service detail page gives step-by-step information on this.

Calls can be made to any of the services regardless of whether they are on a test number / PIN combination or on a live number.

When it is decided that a service is correct - having been through the process described above - the service can be made live. Click here for more information.