fax service

The Fax Service is aimed primarily at people who do not have ready access to a fax machine or who may want to receive their faxes privately in their email accounts.

The service answers the call and attempts to receive an incoming fax. This service requires a mail box (your account has a default mail box created as standard) for the storage of the faxes.  The settings on the mailbox allow for the email & SMS of fax received notifications plus the sending of the fax as an email attachment.

Fax services can be combined with many of the other Callagenix services by setting the automatic fax receive option in the Call Answer settings. For example, a switchboard service can be playing the welcome message to the caller but, if the caller happens to be a fax, then the switchboard service will recognise this and pass the call to the relevant fax service.

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This service can operate on any style of telephone number, whether Premium rate, National, Local rate or Freephone

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