caller select service

The Caller Select service provides you with a way to change the service attached to a phone number dependent on the Caller's telephone number or CLI (Caller Line Identifier).

When the caller dials a telephone number attached to a Caller Select service, the CLI (Caller's Number) is checked against the Callers list in the account, if FOUND then the corresponding Service is executed, if NOTFOUND, not specified or not provided then default services can be configured using these settings to determine the services to be run.

You can specify:

  1. A default service to run if a MATCH in the Callers list is FOUND but no service has been specified.
  2. A service to run if the Caller's number is NOTPROVIDED ( or withheld).
  3. A service to run if NO MATCH for the Caller's number can be found in the Callers list.

NOTE: the Caller Select service cannot be selected from any other service such as Time Of Day, Switchboard, Group Divert or even Call Counters, it is intended to always be directly attached to a main number.

In the Callagenix environment the Caller Select service simply runs your other services, such as Answerphone, Call Diversion, Information Line and Group Divert.

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